Instant view of your fleet's status (speed, location, driver's name, and vehicle registration) and access to detailed history (travel schedules, stop times, routes, mileage, etc.).

Geolocation and fleet management solution for all types of vehicles, machinery, and mobile equipment in real-time, allowing businesses to track, control, manage, and secure their fleet to increase productivity while optimizing logistics costs.

Key Features:

  • Real-time Fleet Tracking.
  • Route Tracking.
  • Three-Month History of All Fleet Routes.
  • Creation of the Following Alerts:
    • Geofencing Alert for Exiting a Predefined Zone.
    • Speeding Violation Alert.
    • Alert for Movement Outside Defined Hours or Days.
  • Fuel Consumption (if vehicle provides information).
  • Mission Management.
  • Route Management.
  • Report Generation.
  • Definition of POIs (points of interest) on the MAPS for obligatory passages or landmarks.

Fleet management

  • geolocalisation gps algerie

    Maintenance Program

    Tailored to each vehicle type, maintenance history, and alerts for maintenance operations

  • geolocalisation gps algerie

    Vehicle Management

    By code/color/registration, financial and administrative information, and management of categories and statuses for each vehicle

  • geolocalisation gps algerie


    Consumption tracking: management of fuel receipts and consultation of consumption history by vehicle and driver

  • geolocalisation gps algerie


    Software or email alerts for insurance, oil change, technical inspection, and inspection sticker dates.

Intervention Management

- Manage real-time field team interventions for effective field staff management.

- Using the Geoflotte solution will facilitate the management of interventions, and will increase your productivity.

Cold Chain Management

- Provide real-time temperature feedback for cold storage rooms

- Ensure tracking with a history of refrigerated trailer routes


- Measure driving behaviors and reduce vehicle wear and tear

- Analyze driving feedback and identify risk behaviors related to speeding, cold starts, abrupt turns, rapid acceleration/braking, extended driving, and insufficient rest

- Fuel consumption reduction

- Reduction in CO² emissions


Thanks to its extensive experience, Geoflotte offers its clients and partners tailored support for fleet management, allowing them to optimize their productivity while reducing the operating costs of their vehicles.

Over 12,000 devices have been installed to date, and more than 2,000 clients use our solution.

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